Selected Solo Exhibitions

Moorpark College Gallery, CA                                                2017

              Dark Matter Paintings

 MOAH, Lancaster, CA                                                               2015        

              Secrets and Emanations/Flora                                                                                  

Eastern Columbia Building, LA, CA                                           2014                                                                       

                The Salon                                                                                                       

Fine Arts Building, LA, CA                                                        2014

                        Symmetries and Arabesques

  L2kontemporary LA, CA                                                          2010

                        Lush Morphologies

 The Quicksilver Mine Co.                                                          2009

                        Botanical Grammar

Artzone 461, SF, CA                                                                  2009

       A Seductive Nature                                        

Esteban Sabar Galley, Oakland, CA                                      2007

                        Nature’s Intentions

L2kontemporary, LA, CA                                                         2006

                        Nature That Imagines

L2kontemporary, LA, CA                                                          2005

                      Beautiful Ramifications                                     

Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, Ca                           2002

                        Submarine Forest and Beyond

Paxton Gate, SF, CA                                                                             2000

                        The Amber Series

Refusalon, SF, Ca                                                                        1995

                        Small Wonders

Alabama Street Gallery, SF, Ca                                                   1994

                        21 Paintings

Stevenson College, UC Santa Cruz, CA                                     1989

                        Lefty, Bullwinkle, et al


Selected Group Exhibitions

LAX                                                                                            2017-2018                                                                                                                                                                                              Wild Blue Yonder                                                                                                                                                                                                                              PØST, LA, CA                                                                            2017


 PØST, LA, CA                                                                           2017

                      Dérive; Nobody Walks in LA

Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard, CA                                         2017

                       Soluble Solutions

Produce House, LA, CA                                                           2017                                                                                                                                                                                                      Walls: Quest for Immersive Space

Walter Maciel Gallery, LA, CA                                                   2017

                         With Liberty and Justice for Some

Loft at Liz’s                                                                                 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                      Blue                                                                                                        

Lancaster Museum of Art and History                                      2016

                          Recent Acquisitions Exhibit

Lam Gallery                                                                                2016                                                                                                                                                                                                      Trevor Project                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Mollie Barnes Studio                                                                 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                        Group Exhibit                                                                                                                                                                                                                             POST                                                                                        2016                                                                                                                                                                                                           Benefit/Auction                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Outpost Projects                                                                      2016                                                                                                                                                                                                         UFOLOGY                                                                                      


                Earth We Gallery                                                           2016


Bergamot Station, LA, CA                                                                2015

            VisionLA; Art Makes Change 2.0

Temporary Space, LA, CA                                                                2015


  Porch Gallery, Ojai, CA                                                                      2015             

                          Water Works II                                                                                              

  Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA                                                          2015                                                               

                           The Hot Ten                                                                                                               

Red Pipe Gallery, LA, CA                                                                   2015                                                               

                         Couples and Collaborations                                                                           

Loft at Liz’s, LA, CA                                                                             2015                                                               

                        Palette to Palate                                                                                                         

Balboa Park, San Diego, CA                                                                2015                                                               

                      MAS Attack                                                                                                    

Santa Monica Art Studios                                                                     2014                                                               

                     MAS Attack                                                                                        

Blackstone Gallery, LA, CA                                                                    2014                                                               

                      Group Show                                                                                                   

Bleicher Gallery                                                                                       2014

                        Three Winged Chrysalis

 The Loft at Liz’s                                                                                      2014

                        Night Terrors and Day Dreams

 Marin MOCA                                                                                           2014

                        The Altered Book

  C. Feign Jr. Gallery LA, CA                                                                   2014


   L2Kontemporary LA, CA                                                                    2013

                        Ten Years Drawn

   Descanso Gardens, Sturt Haaga Gallery                                            2013

                        WILD Flowers; Nature reimagined

 Turtle Bay Museum, Redding, CA                                                           2011

                        Age of Wonder: Contemporary Artists

                        Engaged with the Natural World

  Bedford Gallery; Dean Lesher Center for the Arts                                2011

             Walnut Creek, CA

           Outlandish: Contemporary Depictions of Nature

Artzone 461, SF, CA                                                                                  2011

                        Small Works

Butterfly House, Carmel, CA                                                                  2011

                        The View from Here

Artzone 461, SF, CA                                                                                2010

             Aqua; Art on Water     

            San Francisco International Arts Festival                

              Gallery Artists Group Show

             “The Seduction of Duchamp"

  Artzone 461 Gallery, SF, CA                                                            2009

                        First Anniversary Group Show          

  L2Kontemporary, Pasadena, CA                                                       2009

                        Home 2

The Quicksilver Mine Co. Forestville, CA                                          2008

                        Group Show

Artzone 461 Gallery, SF, CA                                                              2008

                        Inaugural Show, Here and Now

Ore Projects , SF, CA                                                                       2008

            New Years Eve Show

 Esteban Sabar Galley, Oakland, CA                                               2008


 Michelle Bello Fine Art at Sloan Miyasto, SF, CA                          2007

                        Out of the Blue

L2kontemporary, LA, CA                                                                2007

                        The Eclectic World of Gad

 Pacific Design Center, LA, CA                                                       2007

                        Out II                                                              

Art Murmur, LA, CA                                                                         2006

                        Group Show

Union Station, LA, CA                                                                    2006

                        Art Seen

 White Box Gallery, NY, NY                                                             2006

                      The Seven Year Itch

Pacific Design Center, LA, CA                                                         2005


 MOCA, Santa Rosa, CA                                                                   2005


L2kontemporary, LA, CA                                                                2004

                        Chroma Nouveau

Turtle Bay Museum, Redding, CA                                                 2004

                        Bug-Eyed: Art, Culture, Insects

Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA                                              2004

                        Essence of Nature

University of Judaism, Platt Gallery, LA, CA                                   2004

                        Up close and Impersonal

Limn Gallery, SF, CA                                                                         2003   

                        Group Show

Pro Art Gallery, Oakland, CA                                                         2001

                        Natural Beauties

SomArts Gallery, SF, CA                                                                 1999

                        THEM, an Exhibition of Artists, Scientists,

                                    & Designers concerned with the Entomological Universe

Peter Blake Gallery                                                                       1998

                        Spring Group Show

Boritzer/Grey Gallery, Santa Monica, Ca                                      1997

                        Summer Group Show

Show & Tell, SF, CA                                                                    1996


SF MOMA Rental Gallery, SF, CA                                              1995


Somarts Gallery, SF, CA                                                              1994

                        Open Studio Selections

Michael Walls Gallery, NY, NY                                                   1992

                        14 Artists in Two Rooms

University of CA, Santa Cruz, CA                                              1992

                        Exemplary Contemporary

Santa Cruz Museum of Art                                                          1989


 Catalogues and Articles

Night Terrors and Day Dreams                                                 2014

                        Review Artillery Magazine, Eve Wood

                        Review LA Weekly,Shana Nys Dambrot

 Outlandish                                                                                2011                                                               

Review East Bay Express by DeWitt Cheng

                        Catalogue essay by Gina Gotsill                       2011                                                               

Diablo Magazine                                            

                        Cover of Diablo Arts Magazine         

 Age of Wonder: Contemporary Artists Engaged                   2011

                 with the Natural World

                        Catalogue essay by DeWitt Cheng

 Botanical Grammar                                                                 2009

                        Sonoma Discover Magazine

  A Sensual Nature                                                                 2009

                        Cover: Nob Hill Gazette

              , R.W.Miller

 Artists Profile                                                                        2009

                        Art Ltd Magazine, DeWitt Cheng

  As Nature Intended                                                           2007

                        East Bay Express, Jakki Spicer        

   Doctrine of Signatures                                                       2006

                        Art MoCo

  Beautiful Ramifications                                                     2005

                        Catalogue essay by Robert MacDonald

  Bug-Eyed: Art, Culture, Insects, Curator: Patrica Watts             2004

                        Life with Bugs, Redding Datebook, Betty Lease                                   

 Nature’s Essences                                                                2004   

                        Art Contemporaries, Amy Berk         

Essence of Nature, Curator: Carrie Lederer

                        Natural Wonders                                             2004

                        Diablo Arts Magazine, Dave Weinstein

Gary Brewer at Paxton Gate                                                  2000

                        East Bay Express, Lindsay Westbrook

 THEM at Somarts,

      Artweek, Glenn Kurtz                                           1999

     THEM,, Collin Berry                    1999

     8 Days, SF Bay Guardian, Elise Archias             1999   

     SFBest, SF Chronicle, David Bonetti                 1999

 Exemplary Contemporary, UC Press                                    1992


Curatorial Work

Turtle Bay Museum, Redding, CA                                          2011

            Age of Wonder: Artists Engaged With

            the Natural World

Somarts Gallery, SF, CA                                                         1999

            Them: An Exhibition of Artists, Scientists

            and Designers Concerned With the

            Entomological Universe