%22Radiant Sublime%22 40x30, 2018, oil on canvas .jpg
%22The Emergence of Form%22 40x30, 2017, oil on canvas, $5000.jpg
Dark Matters 96x60 2015 oil on canvs.jpg
Totemic Elements.jpg
Secrets and Emanations 96x72 2015 oil on canvas.jpg
Mysterious Origins 46x36 2015 oil on canvas.JPG
A Mythology of Form  2015  30x22  watercolor on paper.jpg
Sunlight and Shadows.jpg
Night and the Sea.jpg
Ancestral Forms 50x36 2016
Structures of Memory,  96x72,  2016  o:c  .jpg
Gravity's Influence.jpg
Lucid Dreaming  54x39  2016  o:c.jpg
Doctrine of Accommodation  20x16  2016  o:c.jpg
Confluence  20x16  2016  o:c.jpg
The Door, The Window, The Mirror  16x20  2016  o:c.jpg
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